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Jordan Peele has been part of a lot of things recently (idk if just as a producer, director, both?) Just saw a preview for a doc he did about Lorena Bobbitt.

I will never understand why someone would take a selfie and post it online when the room they're in is a sloppy mess.

I still have to edge the white walls a couple times but that'll have to wait til tomorrow.

"Donuts? No wonder he can't lose weight." Christopher has the best lines on The Sopranos.

I am scared of changing light fixtures but I'll be doing the bathroom one today. We'll see how that goes.

@pixelfed the new mobile layout doesn't let me upload anything. The camera icon is the only one in that bottom bar that does not respond to being tapped.

Georgie is an underrated character on The Sopranos.

Mastodon is starting to lose its luster because as someone who is not a coder/IT person and not an anarchist I feel like I don't belong.

Doo wop is such a great juxtaposition to a violent scene. David Chase is so brilliant.

I'm rewatching The Sopranos for the 50th time. Also, TIL that I have the same birthday as Val Venis.

Pink is my favorite color. Having a second room with pink walls makes me happy.

The basement bathroom has a black vanity, and I was having a lot of issues with finding a "normal" color that'd work with it. I'm now painting a wall and a half hot pink and the others off-white πŸ‘πŸΌ

I finished painting the backsplash. It'll do til the summer when I can use a saw to cut the vinyl tile I bought to stick on there.

The problem with users from certain locations experiencing slowness in access and usage is now solved.

Please let me know if you have any issues.

My diet survived me turning 30. I fought the urge to get a cupcake last night and ruin it, so I think I will do so today and budget my calories for it. It'd be terrible to not have a birthday cupcake lol

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Toot.Style is a private instance, meant for just a handful of users. I created it mostly to have an instance for myself that I could customize however I'd like (can you tell I like pink?).