@kev I do think that it's a little over the top and some of the effects used over the footage are not necessary, but I do still like it. They go to some beautiful places, do some cool feature pieces (last episode had a mini bio of a driver from the 60s that was really good), and overall I just love cars.

Catching up the Grand Tour episodes. I had to watch last week's still.

The new bedroom has a good view of the planes taking off from O'Hare.

I did my taxes on the 7th and got my direct deposit for the federal refund today. I didn't think it'd be that fast with the shut down.

@mookie it's called honeyburst. I wanted this one cuz I really like the sound of P90s.

@alex @chartier it could be a federation issue. I noticed that I don't see my cartodon.com instance posts and vice versa sometimes. I also see old versions of my profiles/avatars depending which instance I'm logged into.

@mookie IIRC it was a Dot. Tbh it's my "whatever, don't care what happens" guitar lol. I have a Les Paul and an SG (actual Gibsons) that are the ones I treat like babies.

I didn't finish til almost 1am but it was worth it. Moving my bed was the only awful part.

I'm painting the spare bedroom tonight! Finally.

I forced myself to paint the baseboard/trim in the spare room so that I can paint the walls and move into it this weekend.

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Are you even Puerto Rican if you don't have a coquΓ­ somewhere?

My normal Valentine's tradition is to go to Walgreens and buy what's left of the Sour Patch Hearts and Starburst Jellybeans on clearance, but my strict weight loss regimen forbids that this year.

I'm trying out the Bath and Body Works Sleep lotion. No effect yet.

@alex I don't know if you have an iPhone or iPad but I'm always up for GamePigeon pool and connect 4 through iMessage!

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