Hi all, I'm retiring this account and moving to @len. I initially moved to @lenlen because o.s registration was closed, but I obtained an invite from the wonderful @craigmaloney. Sorry for all the confusion!!

@alysonsee I didn't follow individuals on Twitter (except people I knew irl). It's all websites and publications.

@dublinux looks like that's beyond my skill level, I don't understand any of what it says lol

Clay bar is working, but it's not easy. The previous owner must've never waxed this thing because whatever got on here is really sticking.

Does anyone have a step by step tutorial on how to set up an account that mirrors someone's tweets? I don't often come on here anymore to read, it'd be nice to have some of the sports and car accounts mirrored here to want to check my timeline.

Please boost. My coworker has been out for almost a month due to his kidney issues and his friend put together a site to hopefully find him a donor: saveruben.com/

Something* got all over my X3 (except for the wheels and textured parts) and nothing I tried removed it except for vigorously scrubbing with compound. My friend brought me his clay bar and some detail spray from his shop. If that doesn't work I am going to file a claim because I don't have the patience to deal with it.

*can't figure out if it's paint overspray, a contaminant from road salt, or possibly some kind of debris from the car wash. I went to a regular, non-touchless one 3x 😞


This is why I never share pictures of our kids publicly. I rarely share events of our lives too (sometimes I have to, hope the kids will understand). This is why I shout the head off of any relative who re-posts a picture of the kids online.

Social media is a dangerous weapon. We should wield it responsibly. Especially when #parenting.

This is so lame. Woodstock really had some of the greatest performances by amazingly talented people and this is what they do for the 50th? Fuck the music industry.

I got a new desk for my office. My old one was too small to work at all day.

Frankie's blood work came back normal, which is a relief, but not at the same time. The new doctor was pretty straightforward, he wouldn't jump to meds unless there were upwards to 5 seizures in a month, and if he has a 2nd one we can do further investigating as to a cause.

I found this diner-esque kitchen from a listing for a house in Edison Park, I'd never do it but I appreciate it.

My friend left Flamin' hot Cheetos at my house. I ate one to see if they were still good. I regret that decision wholeheartedly. πŸ₯΅

@alex my graduating class was 84 and I guess they organized the 10 year on Facebook. One girl I have on Instagram messaged me there to let me know.

@mike the only time I use Microsoft products is at work. It's really not difficult to not use their stuff at all.

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