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@columbidae I love Daddy Yankee but that song is pretty awful.

The other thing I didn't understand about the former owner's blinds is why they put them over the frame. The frame is pretty, why not showcase it?

that 100 Grand are basically Crunch bars with caramel.

I just randomly thought of the guy who took a plane on a joyride in Seattle a few months ago. RIP friend.

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@breakthesystem the original (orange, white, yellow) is sooo good but I hate the chocolate(?) one.

Last night when I unpacked my books, I decided to reread the Harry Potter books. I'm halfway through Sorcerer's Stone already.

@alex Hahaha! I work from home so when my dog tries to play with me, I tell him I can't play because I have to work to pay for him to live as he does 😂

@technewsbot I've had their beer (and like it) but never heard of Phyllis. That's funny.

My favorite color is pink, but I've never had a pink room in any of my places. I'm painting the office here pink, though. I work from home so I figure the room I'll be in the most should be a happy, fun color.

I miss living in the city already. The garbage truck there would take anything and everything. I move here and the sellers left some bags and boxes outside of the cans, and they didn't take any of it. I have to pay for a "special pickup." So stupid.

Waking up early to pack Wednesday night/Thursday morning ruined my sleeping schedule. I've been up since 11pm after going to bed at 9.

@lmorchard the daytime crew at the bar I go to watches it religiously when it comes on. They'd be ecstatic if the bar had Netflix haha

I hate the person who started using "inbox" as a verb.

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