It's weird empty, but I'm ready for the change.

Before and after, and it's still going. Fml.

Guess I'll be needing to pull the space heater out to use at night.

I designed the upstairs bedrooms today. I am slightly obsessed with this app.

The amazing caramel apple donut in all its glory. :donut:

The bottom half is what's new. I'm entering the scabbing/peeling stage now.

I had to give in and turn on the heat 😞

I'm so happy with how everything in my house has turned out. Even the basement looks amazing.

Tomorrow they just need to put the top coat, so exciting.

Made some progress on the landing/basement stairs.

In case you were wondering how awful it is to try and sell a house, here's my to-do list for this week for before and after work.

Well, I almost finished the first coat before it started to drizzle.

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