Something* got all over my X3 (except for the wheels and textured parts) and nothing I tried removed it except for vigorously scrubbing with compound. My friend brought me his clay bar and some detail spray from his shop. If that doesn't work I am going to file a claim because I don't have the patience to deal with it.

*can't figure out if it's paint overspray, a contaminant from road salt, or possibly some kind of debris from the car wash. I went to a regular, non-touchless one 3x 😞

Clay bar is working, but it's not easy. The previous owner must've never waxed this thing because whatever got on here is really sticking.

@shortcake I took a black car to a different-than-my-usual carwash once because out needed washing and there was an hour to spare. It came out looking shiny as hell, but whatever they used to achieve that (a) was super tough, but (b) picked up mineral stains similar to what you're seeing, and they were a pain in the ass to remove.

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