Does anyone have a step by step tutorial on how to set up an account that mirrors someone's tweets? I don't often come on here anymore to read, it'd be nice to have some of the sports and car accounts mirrored here to want to check my timeline.

@shortcake Some people have been talking about such a thing but I personally don't know much about it. This might be something to do with it(not sure):

@dublinux looks like that's beyond my skill level, I don't understand any of what it says lol

@shortcake Fair enough. There almost certainly is a straightforward tutorial out there that you could follow but like I said I'm not particularly familiar with this whole area. If I stumble across a link I'll post it.

@shortcake FWIW, I've heard on other discussions on this topic that bots that cross-post other people's material can be considered copyright/license violations. I know it's done a lot but that doesn't mean the OP is cool with it.

@alysonsee I didn't follow individuals on Twitter (except people I knew irl). It's all websites and publications.

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