Mastodon is starting to lose its luster because as someone who is not a coder/IT person and not an anarchist I feel like I don't belong.

@shortcake That's OK. I still think you belong here. We need more perspectives here.

@craigmaloney @shortcake agreed. I personally like to see the “other stuff” outside of the technical.

So i for one find your posts a refreshing change.

You can always create an instance of people like you. That is the beauty of decentralization and software freedom. If you feel there is an unserved group, you should!

@Divert I already made my own instance because I didn't feel like I belonged on any of the open ones, but I'm a "normie" and "normies" don't use Mastodon.

@shortcake @Divert It's sad but it's true. I know some cases like this, where people feel like they don't belong here.

And somehow I don't belong in FB, Tw and the like.
I have found that most people don't want freedom, but rather a more comfortable cell

@Divert @shortcake yeah, People usually don't come for the tecnical stuff but for fun

@shortcake It's a lot of tech people for now, but I'm sure that will change more gradually. As others have said, we need more variety in general. Just keep being you. Look at other weird instances and try to follow some non-tech people and randos. Keep the fediverse weird .. and weed :weed: 😇

@djsumdog yeah, it's just weird to see people call people with jobs your friends/family have "evil" and saying things that you're passionate about should be eradicated. It is kinda scary to know that you represent a lot of what people who are inclined towards mob action hate.

@shortcake @djsumdog Mute or block the extremists.
Sure there is a lot of them around, but here at least you may not see them, by virtue of couple clicks / taps.

WRT coding & technology in general, yes, that may be unfortunate. Not sure what to do about it. Personally, I just assume most people follow me for a concrete, primarily technical, stuff so that should not be a problem.
So maybe you should also follow less techies and have your follow list more balanced towards things you really enjoy?

@shortcake I like seeing your posts, having a variety of interests around here is great. :)

@shortcake Would be great when you stay around ^^

We need more pioneers! And yes, small instances for you and your friends are a really good idea 👍🏻 That's something that should be pushed more!

@shortcake i felt that, then i became a trans weeb and met cool trans weeb friends (and also nontrans weeb friends i argue with daily!) on a pleroma instance! mastodon suuucks :gnujihad:
@shortcake by the way you cant see that but that emote is animated

@shortcake would be sad to see you go Leni, but it's important that you don't stay if you don't want to because you feel pressured to.

@Flowless I feel pressured to not be on here more than anything

@shortcake I have similar feelings. I'm learning a lot here about communities I didn't know about, but what I was looking for isn't here yet. I hope it will be. I'm fascinated by the technology though.

@GidiKroon @shortcake sometimes "techies" enjoy just "regular" discussions. You all belong here as much as anyone else, though I can understand why it doesn't feel that way sometimes. I also have found it difficult to find threads on mastodon that I really want to engage in.

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