I finally decided to fully delete my Twitter account. I can't believe I had been on there 10 years.

It's funny that I found it easy to delete Twitter after not using it for 6 months, but it's been probably 6 years since I regularly used Livejournal and I still can't delete my account there.

I don't even *need* my Livejournal account to stay open because I already reposted everything to Deadjournal using LJ-Sec. I just need to copy my S1 styles to Deadjournal and it'll be all backed up.

@shortcake hey, i follow you on pixelfed! small world. lol I really should post more photos on there but i can never find something interesting to post a picture of. Mostly have selfies on there.

@AbacusSwitch I'm anxiously awaiting an app for Pixelfed so I can use it more! All the pictures I take are on my phone and uploading on the mobile browser only works like 50% of the time.

@shortcake same here. I've grown accustomed to native apps and it would be really great for native #pixelfed and #peertube app support. Android seems to have the advantage there but i'm on iOS so there's less apps out there for me.

@shortcake I still hang onto mine because I've been there since 2007. One of these days...

Same. Since 2008. Deleted in January and don't feel sad about it.
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