The fact that 100 million Amazon Alexa devices have been sold freaks me out. I don't want listening devices to be a norm.


That is terrifying.

I always feel uncomfortable in people's houses that have them.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe I'm putting a tinfoil hat on, but I used to use Google Now on my phone daily until I started noticing it was showing me articles related to things that I spoke to people about in person - things I'd never searched for or browsed. Then I was seeing articles related to YouTube videos my friend would show me on *his* phone - videos on topics I didn't ever search for or watch on my own. It was like it was spying on my real life interactions. It was too weird for me.


Yah I mean I don't think there is any evidence to support these companies not being as absolutely invasive with their data gathering as they possibly can and lying to the public about it.


These devices also bother me because they fix the fundamental problem with search from the search engines perspective. The search engine must give you multiple results that you get to choose from when you type your search into the search engine. However with voice, we have been trained to expect (through scifi movies and such) that the computer immediately gives us the one correct answer. This gives the search engine company wayyyyy more power.


I wouldn't say it's too farfetched that this is actually happening. This got a lot of coverage back in 2015. If you have Google assistant on, it occasionally records what you say and keeps a log of it which you can listen to in the app.l although I don't exactly recall what lame ass excuse they gave as to why this was necessary. FB claims their app doesn't do this either, but they've been lying about everything lately so it could very well be true.


At this point occam's razor says that if they can they are, laws be damned

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