I just saw a giant centipede in my basement. That was the first in the 3.5 years I've lived here 🤮

I can't decide if I want to try Reddit's Secret Santa again. I tried in 2016 and got nothing from my original Santa nor my rematch Santa.

Depression leads to me not cleaning, and dirty house makes me feel like shit, thus worsening the depression. I wish I could remember how nice a clean house feels, to motivate me to clean when I feel like crap.

Bought moving supplies today. I'm going to do a lot of packing tomorrow.

The last episode of kills me every time. Straight up waterworks.

It always weirds me out when I see my coworker's brother on TV shows. They sound SO ALIKE.

Every scene she is in makes me irrationally angry.

The last time I rewatched the show I just skipped the episodes she was in altogether.

The episodes with Turtle and Jamie Lynn as a couple are my favorite. Sad they didn't work out in real life.

No matter how many times I watch Entourage, it never gets old.

FINALLY came to an agreement with the buyer. The move goes on!!!

My dog is so used to hearing the Californication theme song (it's my ring tone), that he stared the TV down when I put the show on.

If he withdraws, I don't know what'll happen with the contract I have for the new house. I'm not sure if they'd be willing to give me more time to find a new buyer.

My attorney gave the buyer's attorney til today to decide to proceed or withdraw. It's very nerve-wracking for my fate to be in some random person's hands.

Guess I'll be needing to pull the space heater out to use at night.

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