Please boost. My coworker has been out for almost a month due to his kidney issues and his friend put together a site to hopefully find him a donor:

Something* got all over my X3 (except for the wheels and textured parts) and nothing I tried removed it except for vigorously scrubbing with compound. My friend brought me his clay bar and some detail spray from his shop. If that doesn't work I am going to file a claim because I don't have the patience to deal with it.

*can't figure out if it's paint overspray, a contaminant from road salt, or possibly some kind of debris from the car wash. I went to a regular, non-touchless one 3x 😞

This is why I never share pictures of our kids publicly. I rarely share events of our lives too (sometimes I have to, hope the kids will understand). This is why I shout the head off of any relative who re-posts a picture of the kids online.

Social media is a dangerous weapon. We should wield it responsibly. Especially when #parenting.

This is so lame. Woodstock really had some of the greatest performances by amazingly talented people and this is what they do for the 50th? Fuck the music industry.

I got a new desk for my office. My old one was too small to work at all day.

Frankie's blood work came back normal, which is a relief, but not at the same time. The new doctor was pretty straightforward, he wouldn't jump to meds unless there were upwards to 5 seizures in a month, and if he has a 2nd one we can do further investigating as to a cause.

I found this diner-esque kitchen from a listing for a house in Edison Park, I'd never do it but I appreciate it.

My friend left Flamin' hot Cheetos at my house. I ate one to see if they were still good. I regret that decision wholeheartedly. πŸ₯΅

I finally figured out what I could use my wine fridge for, other than a couple beers and a bottle of rum.

Well I was so mad this morning that I did my own research and found that the vet, after a first seizure, should do an exam and blood work. I called and asked why that wasn't even offered and they didn't have an answer. When I asked which doctor was the one who the receptionist spoke with, it was the one who mishandled my very first appt with Frankie. I made an appt for 5:15 with a new vet's office.

He's not allowed on the couch normally, but he benefits from my nervousness today.

I'm so worried about my dog that I'm nauseous. The vet was useless, I am going to call first thing in the morning and try to talk to someone else.

My dog had a seizure and now I am a nervous wreck.

So my friend is unaware I'm on a diet, and I'm kinda glad I didn't tell him because he brought me donuts from this amazing place in Munster, Indiana. He knows I love strawberry frosted so he always makes sure there's one there.

I know that microwavable hot pocket type things are always hot on the ends and cooler in the middle, yet I manage to burn my mouth at the end every time.

Jordan Peele has been part of a lot of things recently (idk if just as a producer, director, both?) Just saw a preview for a doc he did about Lorena Bobbitt.

I will never understand why someone would take a selfie and post it online when the room they're in is a sloppy mess.

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